Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 1: First Week Down in the Books!

Well everyone I've made it through the first week of the mission/MTC. It has been absolutely wonderful but exhausting. The flight here wasn't too bad and didn't seem that long. We met up with about 20 other elders in Atlanta. There are a total of 39 of us and the max capacity is 40. I absolutely LOVE how close all of us missionaries have gotten.

The MTC food tastes alright but doesn't settle very well. The first 3 nights I was waking up every hour and couldn't sleep at all. I'm finally sleeping really well but am still exhausted every day from not only the physical demands of our schedule but the spiritual. I've honestly never felt so tired so often in my life. I feel like taking a nap everyday but push through it.

We only get 30 minutes of computer time in the MTC so this won't be too long and we aren't able to send any pictures until we're out of the MTC when we get more time to email. We get on during our p-day (Preparation Day) about between 1:15-2:30 our time.

At first our progressing investigator appointments were a little difficult. Ishmael had a ton of questions and wanted to bible bash. It was just hard for us to get past the restoration and Joseph Smith.

Our other appointment was with Savannah and it was amazing! The spirit was so strong and words just seemed to flow out of my mouth that I didn't even think to say. Her parents were divorced so I told her about Dad and how his parents got divorced and he was lost and wondering if there was a God. I got choked up and the spirit was so strong. She said she would get baptized when she comes to know that the gospel is true and that was our first visit ever with her. After the lesson our investigator/teacher told us we did an amazing job.

My companions name is Elder Datshai from Botswana. I absolutely love the native missionaries. We have 2 in our district and one is going to Joburg with me.

I love this gospel with all my heart and am so ready to bring this happiness to the people of South Africa. I know it won't be easy but I'm ready to do it because I know as long as I rely on the Lord that he will provide a way and touch the hearts of the people.

I love you all so much! See you Tuesday.
Kea gor Rata (I love you)

Elder Rash

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