Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 11: Getting a taste of how other religions in Africa do things

Well this week started off with us meeting with a bunch of anti-Christ's. One of which is an inactive member. So this girl is about 24 and was baptized I don't know how long ago but apparently members say she was super powerful and knew the gospel was true. She even got her mother to join the church. However, then her father passed away. She began to blame God. And she got into the wrong crowd of friends. As we sat there talking to them or rather listening, they were smoking and smoking weed. Actually offered us some. But they just went on talking about what they believe and how we are all Jesus Christ and we all together make up God. When they were done talking we started to share our beliefs but then they would cut us off and start arguing another point so we would stop and listen. Elder Thompson was furious and wanted to share his points but there was no use. The inactive member had completely denied the Holy Ghost. So we dusted our feet and left.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and we didn't even realize it till about 8 at night when we were about to head back to our flat. So we decided to run to the mall to get some pie and ice cream but the mall was closed. So we ran over to McDonalds and got some chocolate shakes. That was the extent of our thanksgiving.

On Saturday we did some service for a member by moving a bunch of dirt and bricks. We didn't finish so we're doing the rest this week. She is an amazing baker!

Then Sunday a 15 year old boy that had walked into our church not to long before I got to the area called us last week and invited us to his church. So we went. It was SO different. We spent the first 30 min standing there and everyone started yelling and praying to God out loud "giving themselves to God". The pastor was loud and they had loud music playing. We were the only white people there by the way so we stuck out like a sore thumb. Then he had everyone put their hands on their heads and people went around grabbing your head saying some prayer casting Satan out of your life. Yup, you can guess it. Some guy came and grabbed my head moving it around and manipulating my head "casting Satan out". I looked around and some were being pulled around the room and these 3 ladies apparently were possessed by Satan. The ladies were like groaning and moaning and one sounded like she was throwing up. He made them get down on their knees and he took an envelope to their forehead said like "in the name of Jesus..." and then went "BOOM" pretending to take Satan out of her. Let's just say these ladies are good actors or the pastor put some evil spirit in them. We had to go to our church so we left after an hour. It turns out the boy had walked into our church looking for a church. He didn't come back because the fact that our church was quiet and he wasn't use to that. After we talked to him about his church and he said he was still iffy about it and thought they were acting as well. We're excited to start meeting with him and he has some amazing potential. He is very interested in the things we teach.

Well I love you all and know this gospel is true. 


Elder Rash

Looks like someone learned how to make donuts/scones!

Hmmmm....not bad.  I can see a little bit of Elder D. in this portrait.

Thanksgiving dinner....McDonald's shakes!

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