Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 10: Stake Conference with an Apostle

Well this week wasn't very busy. So sorry for no pictures. There was nothing to take pictures of. I'll try better next week. Well the week started out really well. Tuesday we were able to teach about 6 lessons but then the week fell apart. Every day we had lessons scheduled with people for the whole day and even had back up plans. Friday and Saturday were the worst. We would go to their house and they wouldn't be there so we would go to the backup plan and they wouldn't be there. Our backup, backup, backup plans would fall through. It was frustrating. Or people would call us and cancel an hour before. We taught a total of 4-5 lessons Friday and Saturday combined. It's alright though, we got through it.

Well Friday we went and played soccer at the chapel. There's usually around 20 guys there that aren't members of the church. So we're trying to use it as an opportunity to possibly teach some of them. I loved playing and interacting with them but Elder Thompson on the other hand not so much. He was very lost and clumsy. Let's just say there was a lot of laughter amongst all of the guys. I scored a goal! That's 2 weeks in a row! And trust me scoring in this kind of soccer is much harder. We play in the gym in the chapel and the goal is a chair. To score you have to get the ball through the front 2 legs of the chair. You play 3 on 3 and then losers get off. It was a lot of fun but I'm still sore from it.

Saturday we went to the temple with the branch to do baptisms because they needed more priesthood. It was a lot of fun. Only 4 youth came unfortunately. The baptismal font was very small but still beautiful.

Sunday we had a special Stake Conference and D Todd Christofferson came. We were about 6 rows from the podium. He walked about 3 feet past me. It was super cool to see an apostle up close. He talked about forgiveness. It was wonderful and very inspired. This whole week we taught a lot of lessons to members and recent converts about forgiveness. It was the topic they all brought up. One of our investigators was able to come. His name is Mncedisi. He is so powerful! He scheduled for baptism on Dec 11. He was able to go up and shake Elder Christofferson's hand. He loved the conference. Another investigator named Victor came. His 2 kids are members, they're in their 20's, and we've been working with him. Apparently he's been taking the lessons for years. He knows the gospel is true but he struggles with the Word of Wisdom and coming to church. He hadn't come since we started meeting with him about a month and a half ago but he came to conference with his kids!

Yesterday we were fed 3 meals! We were fed 2 lunches because of miscommunication between the Relief society president and members. We got double booked for lunch. No complaints here. Then we were fed dinner by some members. The members are so amazing here and so generous. I felt so fat by the end of the day.

Well that's it for this week. Sorry for no pictures.

I love you guys. Love, Elder Rash

I stole this picture from Sis. Dunn's blog....look at that smile on my boy!

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